Mondo Agency

Mondo Agency Final Version

Tense, claustrophobic 3D adventure

Mondo Agency is an experimental first person shooter/puzzle game. View full description


  • Unique style
  • Atmospheric
  • Simple controls


  • Jumping can be awkward

Very good

Mondo Agency is an experimental first person shooter/puzzle game.

The game is presented in flickering black and white, giving it an old fashioned feel. Mondo Agency begins with a terminal screen, which includes some strange, slightly cryptic messages. Before you know it, you're sent on a mission to save the president, although it's not clear from what or whom.

The game proper is in simple 3D, with scary atmospheric sound effects. The levels are sometimes like puzzles, sometimes more skill based. They can be awkward, but never impossible. In between levels, there are cut scenes with a strange contact character, who talks in broken English, and often broken metaphors too. The stark black and white, plus the sound effects make this a very claustrophobic game. Sometimes it's unclear exactly what you have to do, but creating confusion seems to be part of the game's point!

Control is via the typical PC FPS setup of mouse to look around, keyboard to move. For most of the game it works fine, although accurate jumping can be quite frustrating. If you ever fall out of the level, you have to start again, and on the second mission especially jumping well is especially necessary.

Mondo Agency is very experimental and unusual. The atmosphere also makes it quite frightening! It has some flaws, but for a free game it's difficult to complain too much, especially as commercial offerings are never this daring

Mondo Agency


Mondo Agency Final Version